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Discover our commercial renovation services, designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. Our expertise spans various areas, including commercial fit-out, where we design retail spaces, offices, restaurants and bars, creating an environment conducive to your business.

Restoring your establishment to make it look new, welcoming and suited to your brand image is important. We also attach great importance to ensuring that your space is provided with good lighting, air conditioning and ventilation to meet safety and accessibility standards in order to ensure the well-being of your customers and staff. . Finally, as part of the design of optimized spaces, we offer layout solutions proposed to us by our designer so that your customers can take a fluid and functional route. Regardless of your business sector, our commercial renovation services are designed to improve your space, perfect your operations and strengthen your brand.


Transform your customers' experience with a restaurant with a renewed design thanks to G.A.C. Construction Renovation. We understand that a restaurant is not just a place to eat, but a space of ambiance and design. Our renovation services cover bespoke design and fit-out to reflect the unique identity of your establishment. We offer the installation of high-quality professional equipment, in collaboration with renowned suppliers, for optimal efficiency in the kitchen. Our expertise also extends to ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems, ensuring optimal comfort for your customers and staff. Optimized lighting is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere and effectively lighting the kitchen. Finally, we guide you in the choice of finishing materials, essential to define the tone and appeal of your restaurant, in accordance with your target clientele.

cuisine moderne et sobre
bar élégant et chic


Breathe new life into your bar and attract your customers with the services of G.A.C. Construction Renovation. Our renovation expertise will transform your bar into a captivating and trendy place, perfect for a lively evening. We work closely with you to design a space that reflects your aspirations, incorporating professional equipment, ideal lighting, efficient ventilation, and carefully chosen materials and furniture. Let us create a uniquely designed bar for you, where every detail contributes to a memorable customer experience.


With G.A.C. Construction Renovation, update the style of your business to further captivate your customers. Our specialized team will transform your commercial space, whether it is a boutique, convenience store or small grocery store, into a welcoming and modern place, adapted to the latest trends. We focus on creating a tailor-made design that reinforces the character of your business while making it more functional. In addition to interior design, we offer the installation of professional equipment, optimized lighting to highlight your products and services, as well as a suitable ventilation, air conditioning and heating system, ensuring the comfort of your customers and of your staff. Entrust us with the renovation of your business for a transformation that combines innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

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bureau moderne et vitré


Transform your professional space with G.A.C. Construction Renovation to optimize productivity and satisfy your customers. We understand that the image and functionality of your offices are essential for the well-being of your employees and the perception of your customers. Our dedicated team is committed to refurbishing your premises, paying particular attention to design, planning, and the installation of professional equipment. We aim to maximize workspace to increase efficiency and ergonomics. Additionally, a suitable lighting system and effective control of ventilation, air conditioning and heating are integrated to create an ideal working environment, ensuring optimal comfort for your staff. Entrust us with the transformation of your offices for a space that reflects your ambitions and promotes better performance.

Choose G.A.C. Construction Renovation for your commercial project means choosing to hire experienced workers in the field of commercial renovation. We adopt a collaborative approach, placing your business vision at the heart of our approach. Our primary objective is to carry out your project in partnership with you for each stage. Finally, we are aware of the budgetary constraints that can accompany a commercial project, which is why our solutions are adjusted to your financial needs, thus guaranteeing an optimal return on your investment. At G.A.C. Construction Renovation, we do everything we can to ensure that your commercial project runs smoothly, while respecting your vision, your schedule and your budget. Entrust us with your commercial project to make it a success!


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