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In Boucherville, put us in charge of your renovation projects, whether they concern a home or a commercial space. G.A.C. Construction Rénovation is committed to making your aspirations come true, whether you want to upgrade your home or your professional premises.


In Boucherville, undertaking a residential, exterior or commercial renovation project requires choosing the best renovation contractor. A general contractor specializing in renovation in Boucherville can transform your living space, whether for a kitchen renovation, a bathroom, a dining room and a basement or for an exterior renovation such as a terrace, patio and balcony. At G.A.C. Construction Renovation, our professionals offer a turnkey service for all renovation work. We also renovate restaurants, bars, businesses and offices. Our expertise and professionalism are the main keywords that define us. Whether you want to renovate a property, build a garage or simply refresh the interior, our team can help you determine your needs and provide a free estimate for your project. We work on the South Shore of Montreal.






Entrust us with your project and our company is committed to offering you well-executed, quality work in Boucherville! Our team is detail-oriented and their work is impeccable. We support you through all stages of your renovation project, ensuring complete satisfaction! To get a free quote or to schedule an appointment, you can contact us via an online form or by phone now. Whether for interior or interior renovation projects, G.A.C. Construction Rénovation offers unrivaled expertise and guarantees a job well done. If you are considering expanding, renovating or personalizing your residential or commercial space, do business with our renovation company in Boucherville and experience the difference that a team of dedicated professionals makes. Trust our extensive experience and expertise to carry out your renovation project with success and satisfaction.


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Versatility and know-how in Boucherville

Our strength lies in our ability to manage a multitude of renovation projects, both indoors and outdoors. Whether your desire is to redo your living room, your bathroom, your dining area or your offices, our professional brigade is armed to carry out each task to perfection.


Commitment to quality and customers in Boucherville

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. We are dedicated to providing impeccable renovation services. Each project is undertaken with a foolproof minute, thus promising your complete satisfaction.


Tailor-made approach in Boucherville

We recognize the unique nature of each project. As a result, we work closely with you to accurately understand your requests and tastes. Our adapted scene ensures that the final result meets your expectations.


Our range of renovation services in Boucherville

We offer diversified solutions, such as:

Refresh your living space by giving it a contemporary look.

Enhance and energize your professional space to appeal to a wider clientele.

Revitalize your interiors, whether it is a dining area, a bathroom or any living or professional space.

Magnify the facade of your property to make it a warm and pleasant place.


Let’s discuss your project in Boucherville

Whatever the scale of your initiative, we are at your side to carry it out successfully. Our passionate team is there to discuss, guide you and draw the perfect plan for your renovation business.

G.A.C. Construction Rénovation is the guarantee of careful work, proven expertise and a priority given to the client in Boucherville. To start your renovation experience with us, contact us.

G.A.C. Construction Renovation - Your ally in renovation in Boucherville for residential and professional achievements of excellence.

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